Mock Interview / CV

  • Acteam helps you to improve your performances and develop your potentiel on your futur interviews by individual coaching.

Our services:


Offer 1

Improve your CV with the help of one of our consultant

Time : 45 min                                                                   Price ttc*

Adult                                                                                    CHF 80.-

Student                                                                               CHF 50.-


Offer 2

Mock interview with one of our consultant

Time : 1h                                                                           Price ttc*

Adult                                                                                   CHF 80.-

Student                                                                              CHF 50.-


Offer 3

Pack : Mock interview + advices on your CV.

Time : 90 minutes                                                        Price ttc*

Adult                                                                                 CHF 140.-

Student                                                                            CHF  80.-


*Cash payment on the meeting day