Persprofile Manager


Acteam is offering its clients and candidates a new service.

When you look for a profile at a PA level for executives, middle management or senior executives, we will offer the candidates the chance to do an assessment for free during our staff selection.

PersProfile Manager is an effective methodology for assessing social skills for the type of behaviour.

Know-how and interpersonal skills are key factors when assessing people with the aim of catering for a job.

While it is relatively easy to check professional skills, it is however more difficult to identify an individual’s social skills, and yet they will play an essential role in decision-making.

PersProfile Manager objectively reveals an individual’s behavioural structure and can compare it with its own observations.

This will make managing staff in a dynamic way safer and more effective.

This system also allows you to compare candidate profiles in relation to specific job requirements that we can profile for you, according to your request.

It is possible to assess a whole team within each department of your company and thus complete the staff with a similar profile.

Or recruit a different profile, with added value, thus providing a team with new strengths.

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